Cultiv represents a group of interdependent companies providing a diverse set of activities all within the field of innovation. Cultiv LLC, USA was established in 2019 as a holding company in Delaware, USA, with a counterpart company, Cultiv LLC, Egypt, for local representation and activities.


Innoventures is a platform for innovative early-stage ventures. Innoventures LLC, Egypt was established in 2011, and Innoventures Fund SAE, Egypt was established in 2019. Innoventures facilitates and manages investments in startups specializing mainly in the fields of clean-tech, software, electronics, artificial intelligence, media, and market intelligence. Our team supports the country’s most promising entrepreneurs through venture funding.

At the core, Innoventures is a venture capital firm. However, it has taken the liberty of making some innovations to the business model to be more compatible with the Egyptian and Middle Eastern market, to make more efficient use of venture capital money, and to more effectively identify and support only the most innovative and valuable business ventures. In contrast to a traditional venture capital firm, Innoventures takes a very hands-on approach, working closely with startups during their earlier stages. Innoventures also provides a shared innovation space, and a support network of industry experts, which affords lower costs for the start-up ventures, and increases their chances of success.


Ideaspace is a platform to enable innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers. Based on this space are a number of activities for building a community and a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, and bridging the gap between ideas, technology and business. Ideaspace was originally the co-working space offered by Innoventures starting in 2011. It was launched as a separate company with its own brand in 2017, as a physical and virtual platform that could adapt and cater to the needs of the rapidly growing innovation community in Egypt.

Ideaspace is a leading creative hub with a number of innovative spaces in Egypt, which is bustling with various activities in technology, entrepreneurship, and design. It has 14 current locations, with 4 main locations in Cairo, Alexandria, Assiut, and Suez. There are other several locations planned to be open within the next 2 years.

Ideaspace has also partnered with Fab Lab Egypt to provide its expertise in managing the prototyping labs in all the Ideaspace locations, including the ones in Cairo and Assiut, and providing training on prototyping and tools for makers and innovators, and access to labs in additional locations.

IdeaSpace Helio

ideaspace HELIO is our original location in Heliopolis, Cairo, where the main Startup Reactor program is run. It hosts between 10-20 growing startups at any time who rent fixed desks or rooms, in addition to incubated and accelerated startups that are part of various hosted programs. The space hosts weekly public speaker sessions, training workshops and arts and culture performances. The space includes a small prototyping lab, with a more comprehensive lab available at the partner Fab Lab Egypt location in Maadi, 30 minutes away. The ideaspace SUEZ location is also 1 hour away.

Ideaspace ASSIUT

ideaspace ASSIUT is our most recent addition to the network, through a partnership with ITIDA. The main location is in downtown Assiut, which houses the main co-working space and events area, as well as a standard prototyping lab. The extension in New Assiut City, 30 minutes away, houses some additional co-working space, and the main prototyping and electronics lab with equipment worth around 1 Million Euros available for use by entrepreneurs and innovators. A free shuttle bus runs daily between the two locations and stops at key points in the city. There are also 2 ideapoints in Aswan that attract entrepreneurs and innovators from further south in Upper Egypt, and who consider the ideaspace ASSIUT location as their central hub for programs and large events.